Write Player Name / Location in Note (Ex: John Doe, Punter/Las Vegas).  We will need your Player Profile Information.

Times and Travel:
All Player Testing Combines start at approx.
10am players should arrive early to get checked in if necessary and plan to leave on same day after 4pm.

A Pre Camp is offered with this event - Come in Early become familiar with the Testing Format and get some Technique Tips from Coach Assad (Optional).

What to Bring:   Bring 2 footballs from your playing level.  Kick Off Tee, Ball Holder, Shoes to Kick, Punt or Snap in and parent insurance waiver.

A Pre Camp may be scheduled with this event.

Pre Camps are offered before Regional Combine Events to practice the test and get tips on technique if necessary from Coach Assad's Staff. All Pre Camps start at approx. 3pm - 5pm on day 1 to offer players the opportunity to travel to events on same day and have the option to take the 2nd day light or off so they test well at the Combine and Day 2 of Pre Camps will be at 11am so players have more time to rest and recover before testing days.